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Why Are Ionic Substrates So Efficient For Plants Nutrition?

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Development of first ionic substrates has begun in 1960th as a part of the USSR Space Program. Which aim was plants growing in space shuttles and stations to feed cosmonauts with fresh greens and vegetables during long-term Cosmos missions. Initially ionic substrates principle was working on ion-exchange polymers. The synthetic ion-exchangers were very efficient but very expensive at the same time and could not be promoted on the mass market. Thus new science of IONITOPONICS* began to develop.

Nowadays, ionitoponics is serving all the modern needs of agriculture.  This modern science is the future of private farming, greenhouses, plant nurseries, indoor and outdoor plant growing and even Mars and Venus colonization. Ionic ZION substrates consist 100% natural and eco matrix, with full spectrum of nutrients required for efficient plant growth.

To make you more familiar with the product and history of the ZION creation we invite you to join a thrilling scientific journey of Prof. Vladimir Soldatov. The founder of ionitoponics technology and brilliant scientist in following short movie.

*Ionitoponics  is a new method of plants growing based on usage of ion-exchange substrates. This is a promising technology which is already used in modern gardening, agriculture and space science.



Ionic ZION substrates  provide intensive plant growth, fast development of the root system. They increase the yield of greens, vegetables and fruits, reduce the time of ripening. It promotes early and long-term blossom of garden flowers. ZION could be used both independently and as corrective additives to any soil (depleted and degraded soils, sand, perlite, vermiculite, unbalanced soil of any composition, etc.).

✅  User friendly (add once and simply regularly pour tap water);

✅  Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil;

✅  Suitable for growing of any kinds of plants.

ZION products are the sublimation of ionic exchange knowledge based on ionitoponics principles. The studies were condemned in the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


Ionitoponics technology. Patent № 2626772 from 11/16/2017



Environment friendly

Zion is 100% natural and contains only ecological ingredients. It does not contain any nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators and hormones.

   Intensive plant growth

    Just add at least 2% of the ion  exchange substrate ZION (1-2 tbsp./liter) to the soil

   No root burn

   Contributes to the enhanced development of the root system.  Overdosing is simply impossible!

   Improves soil fertility

    Addition of ZION even to barren sand makes it comparable in terms of nutrients with the best peat soils.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ZION a fertilizer?

No. ZION is an ionic substrate (nutritional supplement with a long-term activity). ZION based on 100% natural matrix. It consists of full spectrum of nutrients required for efficient plant growth. Eco-friendly. No environmental pollution by agrochemicals anymore.

Where can I use ZION?

 In cultivation of healthy and strong seedlings, organic greenery and vegetables, adaptation and survival of plants after transplantation, for the indoor and garden flowers growth as well as for restoring and increasing the fertility of degraded or depleted soils.

How to use ZION?

Add Zion to the root zone of the plant in an amount of 2 to 10 percent of the volume of extracted soil. The amount depends on the type and size of the plant. Overdose is impossible. The more substrate you add the longer it will work.

How ZION helps plants to grow efficiently?

Zion gives the plant a balanced diet throughout the entire period of its life. It allows the plant to grow and bear fruit as efficiently as possible.

Is ZION a zeolite?

Zeolite is a raw material for ZION production. Plants cannot grow on pure zeolite, but ZION substrate is an ideal medium for growth. It contains up to 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil. The nutrients are immobilized on zeolite surfaces using ion-exchange properties of the zeolites and technological know-how.

Does ZION fit to any kind of plants?

Yes. Ionic substrate Zion can be used for any type of plants. To adopt substrate properties to individual types of plants, we have developed special compositions for greens, vegetables and flowers.

Can I add a substrate to over wetted soil?

Yes. Nutrients are associated with the functional groups of the matrix and could not be washed out in case of over wetted soil. However, it should be noted that plants will grow much worse in over moistened soil, as the root system needs air for the optimal development.

Are there any requirements to soil composition?

There are no special requirements or limitations. But you need to take care of the permeability of soil for air (i.e. in clay soils we would recommend adding perlite or vermiculite also).

How to mix substrate with the soil and achieve an optimal distribution of ZION?

Technically, it looks like the process of applying mineral fertilizers: add Zion, dig and level. The second option is to place Zion directly into the landing pits or trenches and mix it slightly with the ground below. The closer Zion is to the root zone, the better!

Can I plant seeds and seedlings on pure ZION substrate?

Yes, you can. But the best option is to grow the plants on a mixture of ZION with the soil.

Are there any issues during long-term storage period?

ZION does not have an expiration date. It should be stored in dry conditions.

Is there any microbiological growth on the substrate or is it sterile?

ZION is sterile according to the method of production. However, it could affect the development of the natural microflora present in the soil. In particular, it promotes the development of nitrifying bacteria in the soil. Long-term storage of unpacked ZION in the wet state can also lead to the development of microflora on it.

What is the pH value of ZION?

The acidity of the substrate ZION is 6.8-7.0. It can be adjusted in the production process in the range of 5.0-8.0. At the same time, it has buffer properties.

What are the requirements for transportation and storage conditions?

Substrates can be transported by any type of transport. Substrates are recommended to be stored in a dark place or using non-light transmitting materials in covered warehouses at a temperature not lower than 0° С and not higher than + 30° С separately from volatile chemical substances. During transportation and long-term storage, ZION can be stored at negative temperatures, but before use it must be brought to a temperature above 0° C.

When can I notice the effect of substrate to plant growth?

The result becomes noticeable after 3-4 weeks after adding the substrate and start of the plant growth.

What percentage of Zion should be used for mixing?

You should add Zion at least of 2% of substrate to the volume of the soil. For optimal effect, we recommend adding from 3 to 10% of the substrate.


Why China counts Chaga Tea so precious?

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Treasure from Russia

Chaga Tea is a natural probiotic and Superfood, boosting Immune, Exocrine, Skeletal, Nervous and Digestive systems by blocking the spread of COVID-19 virus*. This mushroom is growing in Siberia and Northern America. It is a real treasure of the Mother Nature. The fact is that it has so many healing options. Its second name is “Siberian mushroom of immortality”. With every year the Chaga mushroom becomes more and more popular and not only in Russia. In China, for example, its popularity hits off the charts.

During the several years, the supply of the Chaga Tea to China amounts to more than one billion of euros.

Russians drink Chaga tea for medicinal purposes for more than 800 years. However, frankly speaking, this mushroom is not super-wellknown worldwide yet1. They use it as an immune booster due its certain qualities for centuries. For more than 800 hundred years, it has been actively used both for medicinal and preventive purposes. According to the results of a number of studies, it appeared that Chaga was popular in alternative medicine practice in many other countries. In China, Japan, Poland and Nordic Countries in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was not a big deal to get Chaga treatment.

Chaga Tea helps with fighting diabetes, tuberculosis, cardiovascular pathology and cancer.

The Siberian population soaked Chaga mushroom spores with an aim to make a tea drink. That tea contains lots of prophylactic agents against serious and complex diseases such as diabetes, heart pathologies and cancers. Chaga tea is very helpful. It helps fighting gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis, viral diseases and ascariasis and many other threats. And as per recent scientific researches Chaga chemical agents help to block COVID-19 virus. *



Local residents made healing tea from the mushroom that strengthens the human body for centuries

According to locals from the areas where Chaga is widely growing, including Baikal Lake, regular consumption of this healing tea is very good for health. They drink it themselves and make it for their guests. However, they have no idea about what sort of substances are there inside of Chaga. Its there in their veins the memory of previous generations telling the importance of Chaga. As it has strengthening effect on the human body.

Chaga mushrooms have wound healing effect and treat many diseases

Just perfect for hunters and forestry workers, Chaga remains the main medicine for many years. In case of an accidental injury in Siberian Taiga you will need to take Chaga, crumble it and sprinkle the wound with this crumb. Thanks to its effect, bacterias will not multiply in the wound. The inflammatory process will decrease, and an analgesic effect will be provided.

If you plan to go to the forest with an overnight stay, a birch mushroom will be an excellent mosquito repellent – you just need to set it on fire. You can also satisfy your hunger and replenish your physical strength with Chaga. It’s not a secret that there are many long-livers in Siberia. And this is also due to Chaga, or rather Chaga Tea regular drinking.

In China, there is also a mushroom similar to Chaga called Ganoderma, but it is much less effective

If you believe people competent in this area, the composition of Chaga is similar to the mushroom from China, which is called Ganoderma. However Ganoderma is about 55 times less effective than Chaga.  Many people diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer or diabetes buy the Russian miracle cure for fabulous money, since Chaga is much more effective than its foreign relative.

Scientific researches showed  that Chaga contains more than 215 varieties of active substances, including polysaccharides, triterpenoids, fuscoporin, inoidiol, superoxide dismutase, polypeptides. One gram of Chaga contains 35,000 active components, which is 55 times higher than their presence number in Ganoderma.

The most interesting thing is that no one has yet succeeded in cultivating this mushroom. Therefore, humanity has no choice but to be content with what Mother Nature can give us 🙂

To grow one strain of the mushroom, on average, it takes 5 years and 20,000 birches. In addition, it takes at least 10 years for a mushroom to become a  healing mushroom.

Chaga Tea’s journey to China and to the Western World

First, lets understand how Chaga became famous in the Western Countries.

They have learned about the mushroom from an author  Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote the book “Cancer Ward”. Published in 1968, and in 1970 the author received the Nobel Prize for it. The book attracted the interest of residents of many countries. Particularly interesting was the 11th chapter, called “Birch Cancer”. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, based on his own experience, wrote a story that described one village in Russia. All the people made a special tea for hundreds of years, similar to coffee in its appearance and even aroma.

Chaga Tea is Smart Tea!

Thanks to this unusual drink, no one from the village knew any problem with the gastrointestinal tract, and no one got cancer. The book, or rather this specific chapter became an interest of scientists and doctors. Japanese and American scientists, as well as scientists from a number of other states, began to study the properties of the mushroom. After the trade interaction between China and Russia intensified, this Russian mushroom has also entered the Chinese market.

For a long time Russians have limited the export of the mushroom, as well as its derivatives. They used them exclusively for the needs of their own.

Chaga Tea

Chaga Tea for export to many countries

For years, China and Russia have been closely cooperating in this direction. Nowadays it is not only China, who imports Chaga Tea from Russia, but also many other countries of the world. Beverages, various teas, all kinds of extracts made from the mushroom are becoming popular. A huge work is in progress to apply Chaga in medicine.

Chaga Tea

In European countries, the Chaga becomes a part of various food supplements. In Japan there is a special tea sort based on Chaga. In Korea, the Chaga mushroom powder is normal part of flour for baking bread.

Researches continue, which means these are not the only achievements. In the future, we will have a lot of new useful and healthy eco products based on Chaga. As more and more Chaga positive properties will be discovered.

Stay away from radiation. SOEKS Geiger Counters accurately test objects & environment in seconds


Why is it important to protect your Family members with SOEKS Ecovisor F4?

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Why is it important to protest your family members with SOEKS Ecovisor F4?


SOEKS Ecovisor F4 International is a real home-based laboratory combining 4 functions in one device! It’s easy and convenient to protect your family’s health when advanced technologies come to help. Ecovisor F4 International combines all high-end technologies from SOEKS Company. With its excellent state-of-the-art design and brilliant ergonomics, we can fairly call it our best development.

The Ecovisor body is made from a satin-coated material with rubberized side parts made from rubber. The touch screen improves control and creates more visual interface. SOEKS Ecovisor is easy to use even for an inexperienced user. New Ecovisor can be connected to a computer, so you can easily update the firmware after purchasing the device. Ecovisor F4 International already has the accumulators installed and is supplied with a proprietary charging device as well as a cable for connecting to a computer.

Ecovisor provides quick and easy way to check of food products quality. All you need is to select a product from the expanded list. You will find even the most exotic fruits and vegetables. All nitrate level limits are already added to SOEKS Ecovisor’s memory. No need to memorize complex formulas: Ecovisor generates digital and graphic warnings when the limits are exceeded. For example, “Significant excess of standard” for dangerous products, and «Normal Nitrate Content»for safe ones..

Ecovisor’s new composite probe is very different from previous models. Measurements are now made in multiple points of a fruit at the same time to ensure higher accuracy. Old models reached the highest measurement accuracy at the room temperature of the product under measurement. New Ecovisor F4 has a built-in thermal compensation sensor that ensures to better accuracy and makes it possible to measure even chilled products.

Ecovisor F4 International already has a built-in dosimeter. It can check the background radiation level of food products, water and other objects. After the activation, Ecovisor SOEKS continuously measures radiation and monitors the accumulated dose. If you often fly in a plane, ecperience a radiation exposure from hospital or come into contact with radioactive objects in any way, the Ecovisor’s built-in dosimeter will be an indispensable function for you. If a monthly accumulated radiation dose exceeds the permitted level, the Ecovisor F4 International will warn you of a danger to your health.

Water gives life, but it can be a source of danger too. Using SOEKS Ecovisor, you can detect tap water contamination, check your filter performance and the quality of water from a well.

We are surrounded by electrical devices and are constantly exposed to electromagnetic emissions. Multiple electric devices create high EM emission areas in any house or apartment, without exception. SOEKS Ecovisor has built-in electric and magnetic field sensors. Ecovisor will readily help you to detect high emission areas. Sometimes, moving a baby crib or a sofa some 50-60 cm aside helps to prevent many future health issues.


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