ZION™ for Strawberries 700g (ECO fertilizer)

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The ion-exchange nutrient substrate ZION for strawberries creates and maintains optimal conditions for the harmonious growth and abundant offering of garden strawberries and strawberries. Reduces stress during transplantation, provides maximum survival of seedlings and their further active propagation. Promotes the formation of a strong horse system, the effective preparation of the plant for the winter period and the full development of the plant after it. ZION can be used both independently and in the form of corrective additives to any substrates (depleted and degraded soils, sands, perlite, vermiculite, unbalanced soil of any composition, etc.).

  • Provides optimal conditions for harmonious growth and plentiful offerings of garden strawberries and wild strawberries.
  • Ideal for transplanting seedlings and effectively preparing the plant for the winter period.
  • Made on the basis of a natural mineral. Environmentally friendly.
  • Recommended for direct contact with the root system.
  • It is not a mineral fertilizer, it does not contain nitrates, harmonics, pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators.
  • Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most natural soil, productive up to 3 years.

Method of use

When transplanting seedlings, dust the root ball of the plant with an ionic substrate of ZION, add the substrate to the pre-planting hole, plant the plant, water it. Recommended ratio: 1-2 tablespoons of ion exchange substrate per 1 strawberry bush. There are no restrictions on the number of introduced Zion. The introduction of a larger amount of substrate will only increase the efficiency of its work and extend the useful life.

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